Welcome to my cuddle fo Cancer challenge

I have spent 365 Day's Cuddling and are now coming to the end.!

Here's my video to let you know what's happening.

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Everything you needed to know about my challenge.

Cuddle for Cancer was started on the 1st of January 2017 as a bit of fun to help people enjoy their year as I cuddled my way to 365 dollars. It's a great way to earn donations as you can also charge 1 dollar for no cuddle which I was getting about 2 to one. Now I am looking to donate my 100's of dollars facebook page and websites to a worthwhile cancer charity that is looking for a nifty marketing Idea. Heres' what you get.

Hewr's the basics in a list.

  • Goal: $1 per day 365 days
  • No Cuddles pay $1
  • You only have to cuddle once
  • or no cuddle once
  • People can make donations.
  • Ammount earned to be advised at end of challenge.
  • Must wear conehat and cuddle shirt 70% of time

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